Robo-Nepen 2016 Collection VOL.1

Robo-Nepen 2016 Collection VOL.1

Release : Apr/26/2016

Robo-Nepen 2016 Collection VOL.1


A 140 page collection of Robo-Nepen works!

A mixture of concept artworks, unfinished comics, and unpublished works, this release showcases his various styles. From playful loli girls to anime style cuties being ravaged.

The collection includes the popular "Daddys Little Porno Addict" comic in full without text to allow full appreciation of the artworks.

Comes in high quality PDF & 140 PNG files

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A Rural Clinic

[FLASH] A Rural Clinic Ver1.2

Release : June/27/2015

A Rural Clinic

Old "Doctor Toshio" runs a little clinic in the countryside where he can practice medicine his way with patients like naive young Miku.

He asks about her family while he makes her stroke his erect penis...
He f*cks her pretty mouth while asking how her vacation went...
She talks about her club and school events as he penetrates her, hips writhing.
Did you have your first kiss with that boy yet? he wonders...
... at the very moment he cums into her pure, hairless p*ssy.

* 11 chapters of story (10 + afterstory) *
Photorealistic 3D rendered visuals
Doctor x patient, Old man x young girl

Game format: Visual novel
Difficult: Low
(Linear story proceeds with some choices)

Other keywords: Young girl shame / Ordinary Conversation / Netori / Disgrace / Lolita / Vacuum Fellatio / Group sex

* Contents *
Over 45 minutes of animation
30,000+ character count of Japanese text

* Staff *
Planned and produced by Socrates.K
Collaboration by Poka Poka
Voice acting by Chiaki Kusa

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