Imouto xx Complete Edition

[Loli Flash] Imouto xx Complete Edition

Imouto xx Complete Edition

Volume 1
The little sister began to accept the reality that her big brother loves her, and obsessed with ecstasy little by little.... With dildo, in bathtub, toilet..... His every lust is slammed in her... In short time, she had a baby in her.....!

Volume 2
Just for amusement, big brother licked over his young sister's little body.....
She let out gasps for the first-time sexual pleasure.......
He got turned on by seeing her feeling horny. They had sex at last, and did not know at all then that she got pregnant, and it completely changed the future of the two...... Their dad appears as the story goes on and even he had an affair with her!

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[3D VIDEO] さくらママと太郎ちゃん

[3D VIDEO] さくらママと太郎ちゃん


3DCGも動画もサークル初です! まだまだ至らない点も多いですがマニアックさは負けてません!

さくら : 伊東もえ
太郎 : ぷちゃ
医師 : 新党結成

動画時間 約70分
画質 HD(1280x720)
ジャンル おねxショタ(おばxショタ)

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[FLASH] I Love Daddy Ver0.10 - Win\Mac\ Android

[FLASH] I Love Daddy Ver0.10  - WinMac Android

It is a story about a simple girl, who ends up staying in a hotel in Venice with her father for her 18th birthday after her mother bailed out on the romantic getaway that her father planned to try to fix the marriage. In the last night of the trip though, the A/C breaks down and she ends up waking up during the night because of the heat and sweat. Then, by accident or by fate, she sees something she shouldn't have, and when they return home on the next day a new idea hatches in her mind. She has to seduce her daddy.

That's where you come in, you take control of the girl in the hopes of seducing her father, having sex with him and making him as happy as he has made her. Will she be able to sate her lust? What will happen with the marriage? How far are you willing to go for your daddy?

Now the changes:
First the raw numbers. The game now consist of:

141 pictures in total, which are divided in

11 events which have

9,193 words written.

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