Это важно!
You want to buy a premium, but you can't? Or do not know how?
Or you have a problem with your credit card?
Now you can pay using Webmoney cards. It's very simple.
You don't even have to register in the WebMoney system!

Go to
, or
or any other WM-cards/paymer service, choose comfortable payment method
(Credit Card, SWIFT transfer, Money Gram, Western union and others)
and you will get your number and code for webmoney payment card.

Now you can pay for any services that accept webmoney payment!
(For example,, RapidGator, and many others)
You just enter the card number, code and pay for selected service.
When card funds will be exhausted, you can buy another card (Prepaid Card).

HowTo buy premium on using webmoney card:

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