[3D Flash] Boukougai (The Street of Violence)

[3D Flash] Boukougai (The Street of Violence)

A beautiful female student is suddenly attacked by a man on the way home after school.
What will be happening to the girl, rendered unconscious and was taken to an vacant ground....

- With a total frame count of 23,000, 30 frames per second! Awesome animation movie!
- You can jump to your favorite scene anytime!
- Choose your ideal camera angle for a scene from a variety of angles!
- Enjoy having sex with her by forcing her into a variety of humiliating conduct.
- The heroine's voice is Midorikawa Yuna!
- The innovative Flash stream playback technolgy reduces the load of CPU.
- Randam voice system generates various patterns of moaning.
- First person point of view is featured in many situations!

Size : 333 Mb

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Cerbera80 25 ноября 2008 18:05
Неплохая графика.
Arkanfel3rd 6 октября 2007 23:25
Thank you.I love this one.
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