Viocide ~Vore Side Action RPG~

[3D GAME] Viocide ~Vore Side Action RPG~

Viocide ~Vore Side Action RPG~

Viocide ~Vore Side Action RPG~Viocide ~Vore Side Action RPG~Viocide ~Vore Side Action RPG~

A thrilling sci-fi action RPG featuring monsters that prey.
If the main character Meena is beaten by monster, she gets swallowed inside of monsters and humiliated in their bodies.
The humiliation scene is animated.

A mutation in a certain living object in a biological science lab happens to create a monster!
The monsters start attacking staffs.
Learning the news, Meena goes to the lab to find out the cause and solution.
Can she survive the horror!?

Take advantage of the equipment, arms, charged attacks, key items, etc.
and make your way in the labyrinthine lab!

SUPER EASY is included for beginners!

Size : 614 Mb

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unik 28 сентября 2012 20:37
Героиню все хотят сожрать.Сложная но занимательная бродилка
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