Tri*Color ~3つの始まりのお話~

[3D FLASH] Tri*Color -A Tale of 3 Beginnings-

Tri*Color ~3つの始まりのお話~

Tri*Color ~3つの始まりのお話~Tri*Color ~3つの始まりのお話~Tri*Color ~3つの始まりのお話~
Tri*Color ~3つの始まりのお話~Tri*Color ~3つの始まりのお話~Tri*Color ~3つの始まりのお話~

The hero is an average introverted student, like you might find anywhere.
There are three girls that he likes, but he isn't proactive. Each day he just yearns from afar.
One is a young lady he sees every day on the train to school.
One is a younger cute girl who goes to his library.
One lives next door. She's his neighbor's wife.

All scenes are animated
(Over 200 cuts of event anime are included)
(30fps full anime w/ looping motion and audio)
Graceful eroticism for a better feel
Heroines fully voiced
Always submissive, never dominant hero
(The girls will do all the work)
ALl the classic positions and situations
(handjob, missionary, standing from behind, masturbation pose,
toy wanking, urethra assault, sitting on face, vacuum blowjob,
anal, girl on top/cowgirl, more)

Yukito (hero) 2nd year high schooler
Ayane Midou (lady on the train) C-cup breasts
Tsugumi Hayakawa (library girl) A-cup breasts
Yuko Shirota (wife next door) F-cup breasts

Size : 3090 Mb

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