Share House

Share House

Share House

Release : June/18/2015

Share HouseShare HouseShare House

At a glance it's a normal share house.
The rent is unbelievably cheap.
There's a good reason for that.

There is no privacy.
For example, anyone can see you shower and pee.

Then, the rent is paid in sperm.
It has to be thick and juicy though,
so you are ONLY allowed to cum on rent day.

Is this place heaven? Hell?
Who could bear to live this kind of life?
Every share house has its ups and downs.
Isn't that what makes it... exciting?

* Includes cross-section views and clothed sex

55 page 3DCG manga + 9 bonus pages

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I'm Tifalun

I'm Tifalun

I'm Tifalun

Release : June/20/2015

I'm TifalunI'm TifalunI'm Tifalun

1920x1080 full HD 3DCG imagery
The main comic is 123 pages + 14 page short edition
Total 137 pages

The story is about a camera that can see thru clothes;
all pages are provided with 4 variants, including full nudity:
that's 4 sets of 123 pages for 548 grand total.

* I'm Tifalun
(The main comic)
* I'm Tifalun - Gravure
(No text, pure visual aesthetic)
* I'm Tifalun - Nude
(The main comic w/ Tifa rendered naked in all scenes)
* I'm Tifalun - Gravure & Nude
(Combination of pure visuals and Tifa naked)

Presented in JPEG and PDF formats

At an abandoned building where no one will come,
with a man she only just met,
Tifa indulges a request to pose for photography.
Normally she would refuse...
For some reason she consents today.
The man wants her to pose provocatively which
of course is a man's way of thinking,
but once again, Tifa finds herself consenting.
Something's wrong with me, she thinks,
but at least it's only photography.
She can draw the line at that.
But the requests keep coming,
and with each snap of the shutter
she removes her clothes, falls on her knees...
Saying yes, yes, yes to each lewd command.
The camera itself is compelling her,
because it's equipped with an irrefusable materia.

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