[Hentai RPG] My servant and the stranger Astensia

[Hentai RPG] My servant and the stranger Astensia

** Note **
The sex scenes in this game are mainly cuckold scenes.
Two girls you are intimate with (old playmate, fiancee) are violated by another hand, and finally their bodies and minds are both destroyed.

==== Story

There is a ceasefire agreement between the beast kingdom and the demon kingdom.
The main character is the prince of the beast kingdom but he has been forced to the land at the edge of the border due to the plots of his brother king.

Looking at the misfortunate main character, two girls that are his friends support him.

==== Character introduction

Childhood playmate meddlesome girl Coco
Due to the fact that her mother worked as a maid in the castle, she was brought into the service of the main character from a young age.
Also, as she was a playmate of the main character, she became an object of his love.
Even though she was at first cool towards the main character, she soon began to value him more than herself and became lovestruck.

His innocent fiancee Milk
The fiancee chases the main character expelled to the nearby border.
This was a relationship determined by his parents, but was attracted to the main character after knowing him.
She is active but not alert to danger and this is precarious.

Main character
Beast tribe prince. He is kept at arm's length by his brother the Beast tribe King.
He was ordered to recover the town at the border to the country bordering the beast kingdom.
To save the money for the restoration, he takes the challenge of the mysterious dungeon.

Enigmatic sorcerer
Enigmatic sorcerer who knows a lot about the mysterious dungeon.
From the 2nd time the main character falls down, he warns him that something terrible will happen.
At first he seems kind, but he is a suspicious character and you cannot guess what he is thinking.

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[Dozamura (Doza Village)] Color & Manga Collection (101 in 1) (Updated)

[Dozamura (Doza Village)] Color & Manga Collection (101 in 1) (Updated)

Коллекция работ Dozamura (Doza Village). Цветная и ч\б манга, 101 штук.

Genre: Lolicon, Shotacon, Incest, School Girls, Flat Chest, Prostitution, Orgy,
Futanari, Group Sex, Tanned, NTR, Rape, Corruption, Bukkake, Ahegao.
Size: 5.26 Gb
7296 pic.

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