[Hentai RPG] Alternative servant

Release : Apr/28/2017

[Hentai RPG] Alternative servant

Playing as her avatar "Kureha" in an online game
named "Alternative servant" this girl is totally unaware
of the devious conspiracy that broils in wait for her.

A story that proceeds back and forth between a
fantasy MMO style RPG and the real world.

48 base erotic CG


* Part time job system
Gain $$$ working at; convenience store, bakery, burger shop,
ice cream parlor, idol agency = actually AC, etc
and use that money to power up your online avatar "Kureha".
Plenty of erotic scenes along the way (including pixel animated)

* Purity and Shame level system
As parameters change, more hardcore erotic content will be unlocked!

* Battle system
An easy to understand and play time battle format.
At 50% HP use specials and 0 point skills for a comeback!
Pose art with armor breakage and skill graphics included!

* Special erotic battle system
Depending on your parameters you may be able to perform
certain events in the REAL world too. Blue, Yellow and Red
icons will be displayed depending on their danger level...

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[Hentai RPG] Corruption

Release : Apr/03/2017

[Hentai RPG] Corruption

I like corruption topics. The girls in the game are becoming increasingly depraved and enslaved.
You can see different events for each corruption level.


-Mind Control
-All about Sex

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Make Your Own Exclusive Masturbation AV!

Release : Apr/01/2017

Make Your Own Exclusive Masturbation AV!

You are the Director!
Create an AV to be used for your very own fapping purposes!

Make the girls do what you want, how you want!
After all, only you know the desires within your heart...

(1) Input girl's name, age, body type
Choose her personality by 10 parameter settings.

(2) Decide what she says during foreplay, sex and afterwards!

(3) Erotic Education
You can teach her to become skilled in an array of sexual fields.

(4) Specialized fetishistic content is available too!
Masochist? Sadist? Scat? Up to you how perverted things get.

* If you don't want to be bothered then you can choose DEFAULT!

The story will proceed over a single night!

Created with RPG Tkool MV.

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