Joe Randel's Art

Joe Randel's Art (Update 11 February 2017)

Joe Randel's Art

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The man behind the pencil? I guess that would be me. Hey, I’m Joe, I’m Canadian and this is my art dump. I use this area to post all the dirty, fithy, naughty pictures I draw.

Why do I draw them? Well, mostly because it’s fun. That’s the main reason and pretty much the only reason. I draw them becasue it’s fun to draw sexy stuff. I prefer to take characters that exist and put them in situations and such that you wouldn’t ever think to see them in. drawing naughty Saturday morning cartoons are my favorite.

Am I a furry? No, I’m not. I’ve never once thought of myself as a furry nor will I ever. I just feel that if I’m going to draw naughty drawings then why not draw more exotic characters. I can see all kinds of sexy people on the net. I’m just trying to add variety.So that’s me.

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