[Hentai RPG] Netorare Wife Warrior TETTISE

Release : Jun/22/2016

[Hentai RPG] Netorare Wife Warrior TETTISE

* Version 1.1

* Story

Tettise, the beauty of the village, was married to mild young Pitt.
It was a humble marriage but a happy one.
Soon they hoped to make a child----- but a cloud darkened their plans.
The orcs had invaded the region.

"Will you fight for your people?" came the request,
issued kingdom-wide from the highest authority.
Tettise agreed to go to war for the sake of Pitt and their future family.
However, to secure victory was to conceive life in a womb with succubus magic.
Tettise needed sperm, and sacrificed her chastity to obtain it.
Men poured their seed into her hole... each orgasm a bitter betrayal to Pitt,
but she did this for him... for her kingdom...

* Genre: Netorare RPG
* H scenes: 34 (15 base anime / 62 variant anime)
* Replay mode: yes
* During battle: yes
(Skills with ecchi, cut-in animations)

* Situations
- sex with husband
- sex with husband's superior
- sex with young brother in law
- sex with older brother in law
- sex with father in law
- magical video message
- exposure
- as a special hostess
- magical telephone sex
- erotic massage
- aphrodisiac
- male stalls/toilets
... and more (often with the cuckold husband watching)

* Features
Scene replay mode
Day and night cycles (with battles too)
Multiple endings
Assign skill points for growth
Guild requests
Item crafting
New playthrough with carryover stats
Battlefields with multiple choices
Ecchi status screen

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