[Hentai Video] Loli Tentacle III - Hordes and Swarms Unstoppable

Release : Mar/04/2014

[Hentai Video] Loli Tentacle III - Hordes and Swarms Unstoppable

Indie animations of r*ped little girls by otherworldly monsters, volume III.
Simply animated scenes of schoolgirls and orcs, tentacles.

- All scenes are a fixed camera angle showing penetration to climax 2 times.
- By preference I avoided depicting belly distension, and there is no blood.
- 6 scenes of r*pe
- Strong mosaic corrections have been applied

WMV format (Media Player 9 or VLC Player recommended)

CVs (moaning and sighs only):
Akatsuki Mariko & Ryo Suzuki (provided by Black Works)
Ryo Suzuki (provided by Tiger Lily)
Tsubame Aonami, Akane Yanagishima and Yuzuko Konoe (provided by [Amebo] Candy Voice Materials [LOLIPOP])

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Release : Dec/10/2017


A workaholic female boss imposes 'higher level' on subordinates.

Situations: waist shaking in cowgirl position / consecutive creampie /
PAN PAN in doggy style / swallowing creampied semen with a glass /
lesbian cunnilingus right after creampie / grabbing bursting busty boobs /
squirting / banging while hanged / double creampie etc.

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